So Tired…and So Stuffed

We’ve eaten a lot this trip. A lot. Today was no different. We loved it.

Bucharest is a varied city, full of plenty to see, people to marvel over, and a storied history spanning hundreds of years. The architecture has influences linking Ottoman, French, Russian, and everything in between. There are, quite literally, Soviet buildings built around hundreds-year old churches so you’re left with a sliver between them for access.

We did a walking tour of the city this morning, in weather very unbecoming of December in central Europe. The sun has been out in full force this week, with temperatures reaching 60f each day. I left my jacket at home. We learned about revolution, about folklore (yes, more Vlad Tepes and Dracula), about history, and how very recent events in this country were very different than they are today. A mere 30 years ago we wouldn’t have been permitted travel to Romania, and by the sounds of things wouldn’t have wanted to. We’re glad things have changed.

Bucharest is eminently walkable; its easy to get lost in the many large boulevards and back streets; we often did. Fortunately its easy to whip out Google Maps and make sure we keep our bearings.

We found a park, we meandered throughout and beyond the university district, and found out the hard way that yesterday was the last day of the Bucharest Christmas markets. No more mulled wine for us.

We had dinner in the city’s oldest beer house, and I’m pleased to report I did eat another lamb knuckle. Sarah’s new favorite, and the subject of the last several meals, is cabbage rolls. We both got dessert.  It wasn’t pretty (for our waistlines). Fortunately its about a mile walk back to the apartment, which gave us time for things to digest.

Tomorrow is our last full day, and we head home on the 30th. We’ll lay as low as we can stand to, so the long plane ride home is only as arduous as it needs to be.

For tonight, we’re still alone since there’s no one else staying in the house. There’s a bad movie on TV with Romanian subtitles, Sarah is rehearsing farm animal sounds with Ada (to which she’s revealed her first dance moves…she’s a spinner), and Im nursing a final beer of the day.

This trip has been a while ride, and we’re already planning where our lives will take us next.