Leather Pants and the Lamb

Leather pants seem to be a thing in Europe. We have seen them everywhere since arriving a month ago….and it baffles me. Young women, old women, tight, loose fitting….doesn’t seem to matter. Maybe they are warm and surprisingly comfortable, who knows.

Also, I think it important to note that today while walking the streets of Bucharest, within the same block, we came upon a man with a live sheep housed within his backpack and a man with no actual nose playing the violin. As you might imagine, we started looking up Bucharest real estate immediately.

Bucharest is a large city, and while I have heard it described as the Romanian Paris, I am here to tell you that whoever started that rumor had never been to Paris. That being said, it isn’t so bad. There is an Old Town which offers your customary cobblestone streets, lanterns, churches, and pubs. We found one to have lunch in, moving away from traditional Romanian cuisine, called Van Gogh’s Cafe and it was everything the name promised. We both had giant burgers and Ada had a Quesadilla with veggies which she actually ATE.

After that we wandered over to the House of Parliament, which happens to be the either first or second largest building on the planet, depending on which source you listen to. The Christmas Markets were scattered all in front, along with a carousel for the kiddies, and a stage on which they have been putting on free concerts every evening. We let Ada run around, had an obligatory sausage and a few mulled wines and then headed home for a mellow evening.