The Final Leg

Today we traveled from Brasov to Bucharest, by way of Peles Castle. Peles is a modest home set in the Carpathian mountainside, owned by the various Romanian monarchs throughout the years. We didn’t bother with the whole tour, but did roam the grounds and took plenty of pictures. The mountains are vast, snow-capped, and sights to behold. It was distracting driving through them, as all you want to do is marvel at them and how close they are.

Our route took us through several skiing towns, which unfortunately are also set along the same two-lane twisting roads as everything else we’ve encountered. This means traffic came to a crawl going through each town, and once we passed the last of them it was nothing but flat countryside until we hit Bucharest.

Bucharest is a metropolis, similar to what we’ve seen in Prague and Munich. The buildings are still all very blocky and reminiscent of their Russian influence, and there are lots of them sprawling in all directions. We’re staying in a hostel that’s really a converted old house, of which we have the entire top floor. Tonight, we’re the only inhabitants, but we’re told that will change before we leave at the end of the week.

We ventured out toward the main square, and took our dinner in a quaint restaurant in Bucharest’s Old Town featuring traditional Romanian food. Sarah asked the waiter for his suggestion of dishes, and turned down the pork knuckle when he offered it up. We’ve each had our share of pork knuckles this trip, and have been taking advantage of as many vegetable opportunities as possible. We didn’t pass up dessert.

We’re saddled with another location with poor wifi, and pictures are still uploading. While this means another text-heavy post, it also means you’ll need to stick to the gallery to keep track of our visual tour. Here’s a few in the meantime:

Tomorrow is Wednesday December 27th, and we’re told Bucharest’s businesses will come back to life following the Christmas holidays. We’re headed to the palatial Palace of the Parliament and then touring more of Old Town to find what other kinds of trouble we can get into.