Two More Sleeps ‘Til Christmas

Yesterday sucked. Ada has a cold. No one got any sleep.

With that out of the way, Romania is all sorts of beautiful. It is also all sorts of poor and run down. As with most places where travel takes us, its very dependent upon where you are. Today we drove east, to Brasov. It was only about 120km, but 120km worth of a two-lane road while the snow fell, the route twisted us through the hills of the countryside, and we even had to throw on the brakes to avoid a sheep crossing.

The Airbnb Sarah booked for us is a spacious three-room apartment attached to the owner’s house. This is nowhere near as intrusive as it sounds, as the couple has converted a portion of their house to this apartment, and even went so far as to cook us a traditional Romanian dinner: grape leaves stuffed with meat and vegetables. One of our hosts was previously a chef, and we were grateful for a home cooked meal after three weeks of restaurants.

Ada is feeling a little better today, after enduring a sniffle and slight cough over the last few days. She went down for two good naps, and the sneezes are decreasing in frequency. We’re hoping for a quasi-normal night’s sleep, for all of us.

Brasov is circled by beautiful mountainside, and even features its own “Brasov” sign way up in the heights (think: Hollywood). We did a quick tour around the square this afternoon and were pleasantly surprised as how much of a real town this is. The main square is vehicle-free and lined with lights and vendors selling just about everything…including mulled wine. There’s history in the form of hundreds-year-old buildings, cobblestone roads, and even the “Narrowest street in Europe”.

We took a few hundred pictures over the last several days, which means it going to be a while before uploading finishes (more slow wifi). If you’re reading this within a few hour proximity to when it’s posted, you’ll have to wait to experience the visuals. But you, dear reader, have a life and are reading this long after it was written, so you can enjoy the whole album here.

We’re here for the next several days, including Christmas Day. We’re looking forward to slowing things down, spending time taking a good look around, and making the best of the home stretch of Europe 2017.