Our Sibiu Self Tour

The Old City of Sibiu, Romania is just slightly larger than a village, though definitely larger than most places we drove through to get here. It has rows and rows of brightly colored buildings, more cobblestones than paved roads, and clocktowers and churches galore.

We have another full day on our hands and weren’t sure what to do with ourselves, so we started out with coffee and continental breakfast in the apartment Sarah Airbnb’d us. We booked a guide-led walking tour tomorrow, and today did our own roundabout of the town.

When you think of snowy village, this is what you’re picturing. Each roof is covered in white, each street has its own story, and everywhere is dotted with its own history. We even came across a few battlements, complete with archery slits…you know, just in case of invasion.

We found a basement restaurant in the main square, had our fill of bread, cheese, sausages and Transylvanian soups, and headed back to put Ada down for a nap. Turns out it was a nap for both Ada and me, while Sarah pounded out several chapters of the book she’s reading. Having an apartment, not just a hotel room, within walking distance of everything is really the only way to visit. Its convenient, comfortable, spacious, and gives you freedom not otherwise afforded.

After the sun goes down the temperature dips considerably. It was in the mid-30s this afternoon, and even though it only gets to the mid-20s in the evening, its still cold enough to bring sniffles and tears. Not one’s to be deterred; we took it on.

Mulled wine. You know what it is. You’ve probably tried it before, too. You’ve also never given it a single thought aside from the few
moments when you had it last. Sarah and I have had our weight in mulled wine, only because every single Christmas market in every single city and country has featured mulled wine. Sibiu is no exception. We imbibed. We took lots of pictures of this fairy tale snowy village, and then set off for dinner.

The owners of the apartment we’re in left several restaurant recommendations, of which we’ve tried a few. Tonight’s was something very different. We set off (after mulled wine) and a few turns away from the main square found what we were looking for. It was not what we were envisioning. It was listed as one of the best restaurants in Sibiu, but was visually not what you’d expect. There were five tables, one patron, and a four foot square photograph of a woman’s bare chest.

We spent a few moments on the sidewalk deciding if we should keep going or take our chances. We’re glad we took our chances. This was one of the better meals we’ve had on this whole trip. Sarah had a ginger chicken dish, and I had bowl of fresh pasta with braised pork. The meal started with a “salad” of roasted pumpkin that Ada just couldn’t get enough of. It was the perfect way to wrap the day.

It’s now 8pm in Sibiu. Ada is asleep, Im about to finish writing today’s post, Sarah is glued to her Kindle, and the winter olympics is on the television with a non-English commentator. We couldn’t be happier. As usual, the photo album has been updated; you should take a look.