From Rainy Citadel to Snowy Village

This post will be rather brief. I haven’t been feeling that well today, and since it was a travel day there isn’t too much to report.

We awoke in Alba Iulia to more rain, which put a damper on us exploring the citadel some more. Since we had already seen most notable spaces within it, it wasn’t a huge let down and we opted for staying dry and having breakfast and leaving for Sibiu early.

Having the car (though more expensive then we had hoped it would be) has been a real convenience, and we’ve been timing the travel to Ada’s naps so that has been working out nicely. I have been getting a lot of reading done, which as most of you will know, pleases me. The mountains around us have begun to collect snow rather than rain, and the sights have been beautiful.

Sibiu is a small city, and we are staying within the oldest part of it which was ranked as “Europe’s 8th-most idyllic place to live” by Forbes in 2008. The streets are narrow and cobblestoned, the buildings look very 18th century with snowy, pitched roofs, and our three-roomed apartment is quaint and traditional with exposed beams and antique furniture.

We arrived, had a big lunch of Romanian chicken soup, pork and rice stuffed cabbage, and pork stew. Romania is big into their soups, and they have all been outstanding so far. Overall, all of the food we have been having this month has been rich, heavy, and delicious. And fattening. We have some work cut out for us when we get home as far as our bodies are concerned. Haha!

The rest of the day was mellow. Ada and I napped. Sal brought home some takeout (more soup, meat, potatoes, polenta, cheese). I gave Ada a bath. Tonight we will be content watching the snow fall outside while staying warm and cozy, and leave the exploring until tomorrow.