From Salt to Citadel

After a bite-free night in the Dracula Hotel in Turda, we woke to a beautiful rainless day and a quick breakfast. Turda is a cute, quaint little town with winding streets and plenty of views of the mountains nearby.

Sarah did a tremendous amount of research for this trip, and our Turda choice was mainly for the famous Turda salt mine. This is no ordinary salt mine; this is a playground, ferris wheel and lake…250 feet underground.  Ada had a blast walking around, playing on the slide, and taking in the cavernous sights on the ferris wheel. You (I know I do) often take for granted the engineering involved when someone mentions a mine, but this one was impressive.  There are lots of pictures in the album. If you see a few that don’t make sense at first glance, they’re probably of a mine shaft full of salt deposits.

A quick 60km later, we’re in Alba Iulia and walking their famous citadel. This is a walled city within Romania turned landmark, and they put on a winter market each evening in December. We took advantage of some mulled wine, listened to the band, and let Ada have her fill of walking around. She loved the snow machine (a little too warm for the real thing), the manger scene, and walking through a sea of people’s legs.

The town itself is a little industrial: tall, square, grey buildings that are in desperate need of patching and painting. Aside from the parks dotting the city, there’s little in the form of foliage. The Airbnb Sarah found is on the first floor on one of these buildings, which on its face didn’t bode well upon arrival. The owner of the apartment met us at the door, gave us the keys and a tour, and was nothing but completely welcoming. The apartment was small, but newly renovated and perfect for our one night.

Tomorrow we head to Sibiu for a three night stay, but so far Romania is a great choice for where we’ll spend the latter half of the month, as well as Christmas.