Valar Morghulis

We have arrived in Romania. Officially Turda, Romania situated within Transylvania. We pulled in at 6:30pm, but it might as well have been midnight. We are staying at the Hunter Prince Castle & Dracula Hotel, and there may be three other guests staying here tonight. Also, I feel it important to note that every person we have met has been somewhat frightening to look at in some way. That is no exaggeration. I thought it may be creepy and kitchy staying here and so far it has exceeded all of my expectations. There is a padded door to our room.


At least there is a minibar. And we had two bottles of wine with dinner, so if we ARE visited by a vampire, we’ll be drunk for it.

I find it particularly apropos that I am bound on finishing Dracula tonight here in this hotel. We will then most likely watch Downton Abbey until we sink into a fitful sleep, as Ada slept most of the car ride here (it was seven hours). I’d post more photos but the internet connection is frightfully slow.

Tomorrow go to the Salina Turda, which is a salt mine that has been listed at one of the top ten coolest underground places in the world to visit. So IF we survive the night, there’s that.