When All Else Fails….Order a Cosmo (Or Three)

This morning was stressful. I had originally made a mistake with the apartment booking for Budapest, so our first three nights were spent in one location, and our last night was booked across the river in the Castle District at a hotel. Once we had arrived, I found this to be a happy accident, since it would put us in two convenient sections for splitting up the sightseeing.

This morning it didn’t feel so happy. Ada woke up early. She was fussy. It was raining. We had to check out by a certain time mid-morning and the new room wasn’t ready for us yet. Ada pooped during transit. I was all done. So we bought tickets on this tourist golf cart that  would take us up the hill to the sights, found a restaurant, and threw back a few beverages. That took the edge off, Ada fell asleep on the way back down the hill, and the rest of the day we took it easy.

We ventured out for dinner and took in the view of Parliament at night from across the river, which really is gorgeous.


To comment a bit more on yesterday, since Sal had done the posting, the bath house I visited was called Kiraly Bath and it is the oldest thermal bath in Budapest, one of the medieval Turkish baths built by the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century.

Unlike contemporary Turkish steam baths, the Turkish baths in Budapest are actual warm thermal spring baths with hot waters in octogonal pools. In addition to the historical pool, there are 3 smaller pools and a steam room. The bath has a characteristic dim light, as the pool gets its light from the 16th century dome holes covered in glasses. The bath has not been restored for many decades, which gives it an even more fascinating historical appeal. All in all I can’t speak of the experience highly enough, and I was glad I chose this bath out of many others to visit. It honestly felt like I had stepped back in time.


It is hard to believe that today marks our halfway point. Tomorrow we head to Romania where we will spend the next fifteen days in various locations around the country. I have enjoyed Budapest, and it is a city I would most definitely return to, but I am glad about the switch to more rural locations. Ten days until Christmas!