The Oldest Baths

There was a new tactic today: we went separate ways.

Our journey started together on foot, across the Margaret Bridge to Margaret Island, which bisects the Danube River in the middle of Budapest. Sarah and I parted ways, where she made her way to the oldest baths in the city, and Ada and I walked the island.

Its December and quite dank. Its cold, foggy, muddy, and not so pleasant to be walking around.  Too bad, that’s exactly what we did while mom was away. Margaret Island is a beautiful park with a public pool, amphitheater, zoo, Japanese garden, and lots of trails.  It was deserted, which means we could sing our off-key songs and gawk at the wildlife.

Sarah loved the Hungarian bath house. She said it was small, ornate, private, and well worth the time alone. I’m glad she was able to spend a few hours to herself, which gave Ada and me time to walk the city.

Budapest is a large urban area that I’m sure too many people overlook when it comes to thinking of travel in Europe. Many of the buildings are stark, but so much of the beauty is right out in the open.

We had lunch in a ten-top Jewish cafe that was the most friendly, and tasty, stop we’ve had so far. Ada’s boisterous personality brought so many people to the table to say hello, ask where we were from, and return the myriad ‘Hi’s!’ she would give to patrons.

I spent a few hours in the late afternoon alone walking around and taking pictures, often of signs and other architecture that doesn’t usually raise attraction to anyone else. Where else does a Starbucks or TGI Friday’s not make sense? In downtown Budapest of course. I took pictures.


If your one year old is restless in restaurants, have no fear.  I take that back. Have some fear. Ours is restless too. Ada loves to eat. She loves to have attention paid to her, she loves cheese, bread, and meat, and when she’s done that means we’re done. She’ll start to whine, cry…or worse. We’re working on creating an environment where mealtimes mean patience, but so far its a work in progress.

That’s it. We move tomorrow from this apartment on the pest side of Budapest to a hotel the buda side of Budapest, and we’ll see what kind of history waits for us there. I’ve not yet experienced a bathhouse, and Sarah insists its on my list before we leave.

One more thing. Today is Thursday, December 14th, 2017. Its the release day of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. The theatre near us doesn’t have it in English, which means its the first time in 40 years I’ll not see a Star Wars on its opening day. Just saying.