A Rainy Budapest

The train between Vienna and Budapest is a quick 2 and 3/4 hours, which goes so much faster when lubricated by a pre-train beer and a during-train glass of wine. That, and some Sesame Street and puffy stickers to keep everyone (wink, wink) happy.

First impressions? Budapest is a real city. I expected something a bit more rural given the views on the train leading up to the city, but this place is the real deal. We arrived early evening, were seen to our gigantic-in-so-far-comparison apartment, and ventured out for some food.

We lucked upon a restaurant with borsch, a sizable wine list, and great atmosphere. Ada was in fantastic spirits, Sarah and I had a wonderful meal, and came outside to find…rain. It turns out we’ll see rain for most of our visit, but we’re determined.

No pictures today, but that’ll change this week.